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Hello beautiful! I’m leaving for the Philippines now. I’m gonna miss you soooo much.. I’ve got so many things to tell my mom when I get there. I’m sure that I won’t be able to stop talking to her about you.. Don’t cry, okay? You’ll look a lot more beautiful when you smile! 😁 Haha, don’t worry. I’ll be coming back to you, safe and sound, and I’ll be giving you all the hugs and kisses you missed once I return! That’s a promise. I trust that you won’t do anything wrong while I’m gone. Aha, you be careful too, okay? Since I won’t be here to smack those guys who yab at you, you gotta be the one beating them up, okay? Or maybe @kristelmangahas can do that for me while im gone. Lol. I’ve had a great year with you. We’ve been in love with each other since the beginning of this year, and this whole time, you’ve always been there for me. Thank you for being such a great girlfriend babe. Thank you for everything.. I miss you already, haha. And everyone else too! I’ll be coming back in a bit! I love you so much babybutt! I love you, always. Goodbye baby. See you in 2013! @angel_albertooo #simpintothemax #notashamed #hatersgonnahate #imgonnamissyouall #bebackinabit #PIbound 😭✈❤✌💑

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