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We love you Eric. So, so much.. and I know you took that with you to heaven. You were definitely the definition of family to us. I hope you know that we all were inspired by you, your humbleness, your drive and hunger in dance, and your compassion for everyone around you, even those you weren’t close to. Your passing has definitely reawakened and revitalized our drive to get better in dance. It’s like your passion is a part of all of us now. You can bet a set dedicated to you and everything you’ve done for iAM in the past 4 years will be made soon. This is our tribute to you. On behalf of iAM, present and alumni, you’ll always be in our hearts. Our teammate, our co-captain, our friend, and our brother. 

“Ohana means family. Family means no one ever gets left behind, or forgotten.”

RIP Eric.. Ohana always.

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    Imma miss those daily practices with you Eric, and everything else about you. Rest in Paradise bruddah
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    omg! he died D;
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    RIP Eric.. Ohana always.
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